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Police Department

The City's Police department provides for public safety protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the City of Oak Park Heights.

Contact Information 

Emergency: 911 - this is to report ANY in progress incident, crime, or medical services request.

Non-Emergency requests for an officer - 651-439-9381

Officers are dispatched using the county wide PSAP "public safety answering point" funded by the state and county taxes you pay as a resident.  This is staffed by the WC Sheriff on our and all county residents behalf as a shared resource. If you would like to see an officer to report an incident or would like a phone call from an officer please call our non-emergency administration phone at 651-439-4723 or directly to a dispatcher 651-439-9381.  We do not control the process or speed with which our officers are dispatched to calls.  If you feel there was a long delay please contact our office directly and we will look into the circumstances. 

Police Administration Office: (651) 439-4723

Fax: (651) 439-3639

Anonymous Tips: Tips of criminal activity or information you may have concerning a past crime may be submitted using the link on the left side of the main page.  The police rely on citizen involvement to help us keep the community we all enjoy safe.

General Information: for the police department or questions can be submitted by email: 



RECORDS: Requests for records can be made in person at the police department during business hours M-F 0830-1200 and 1300-1600 hrs. excluding holidays. Some records requests may be completed at the time of request or you will be contacted when your request has been completed and you may come pick it up.  Generally there is no fee for a simple report request however there are fees associated with requests for photographs and other media, large requests requiring staff time to research and complete, or repeat requests for the same reports.

You may also request records using the link at the bottom of this page.  Completed forms sent to us with a self addressed stamped envelope will be returned as soon as it is completed.  Requests will not be completed without a self addressed stamped envelope able to contain the documents with correct postage for the report or media being requested.


Thank you for supporting the department and helping us in keeping your community safe;

Brian DeRosier – Police Chief




Body Camera Policy

The Oak Park Heights Police Department uses body worn cameras.  Our officers generally have these cameras while on duty.  The cameras are not active unless specifically started by the officers.  These cameras provide us with a resource to document incidents, collect evidence, and respond to or review incidents if needed.  A copy of the department policy explaining the intent and use of the cameras is attached to this web site also. State statute 13.82 directs the release of data captured by body cameras.  At this time data is considered private and not releasable for reasons other than evidence or to the person on the video.  There are other restrictions on release and those can be found in MSS 13.82.  Click the headline of this post to be brought to the current department policy.  A copy of the MN IPAD interpretation of rules is also posted to help add some simplification to the rules.  IPAD is the MN agency that interprets the data laws.

State of the Police Department


The Police Department provides overall public safety response in the city.  The police department is the first response to all public safety incidents within the city to include; medicals, fire, criminal complaints, citizen assists, traffic accidents, ordinance violations, and emergency management.   The department conducts many other preventative details and provides assistance to citizens in the community including: crime prevention, citizen education & community outreach, traffic enforcement & deterrence, animal control, and civil assists.

The department has a staff of 11 persons consisting of 10 sworn licensed officers and 1 clerical non-sworn position.  We provide 24hour protection with patrol and investigation for all criminal activity within the city.  We have a Chief of Police, Sergeant Investigator, Investigator School Resource Officer, 7 Patrol Officers, and records receptionist.

We provide an investigator school resource officer at the Stillwater Area High School.  This position is a full time assignment for the officer during the school year with the cost being reimbursed to the city.   This investigator assists with general patrol and investigations during the busy summer months.


Core Services

We respond to avg 6,000 calls for service per year.  Each day we handle many administrative and other details or assistance to citizens that are not recorded as calls for service.  We do routine patrol of our residential neighborhoods, checks of business areas, walks through our multifamily housing buildings, and checking our parks when not responding to calls for service.   Our calls for service have increased 25% in the last ten years.  Some incidents we handled during 2014 include:

  • 300 traffic accident investigations.
  • 500+ medical responses.  Police officers are the first response and provide initial patient evaluation and treatment as needed.  Officers are trained and equipped to provide CPR or use of electronic defibrillator, oxygen therapy, and basic life support until Lakeview Hospital Paramedics arrive to provide advanced treatment and transport.  
  • 24 death investigations of suicide or persons suffering unattended deaths.
  • We respond to and investigate all part 1 and part 2 crimes.  These incidents include sexual assaults, stolen vehicles, burglaries, narcotics violations, incidents involving weapons, physical assaults, fraud, forgery, theft and others.
  • We had 291 incidents in which officers provided crime prevention notices to homeowners or found businesses with unsecured locations after hours.
  • 12 vehicle thefts or recovered stolen vehicles
  • Traffic enforcement resulted in 46 DWI arrests, 580 citations and 466 warning for various traffic violation.  Complaints about traffic are our #1 received complaint from citizens.
  • 2 Structure fires and 3 car fires
  • 84 Drug related arrests
  • 14 Incidents involving suspects with weapons
  • 45 Domestic Assualt incidents
  • 184 Disorderly Conduct incidents


Secondary Services

We provide other services to the community in addition to essential public safety response.

  • We do numerous community outreach events during the year in which we provide education and materials to citizen groups, schools, and civic events.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco compliance checks of all businesses selling these products are completed several times a year.
  • Registered Predatory Offenders living or working in the city are checked for compliance and registrations updated.
  • 1 officer is assigned to the multiagency county wide SWAT team. This officer trains 1 day per month and responds as part of the team county wide as needed about 5 times per year.
  • Civil assists to persons for child custody exchanges, property retrieval, welfare checks of persons and property.
  • The Chief of Police is the Certified Emergency Manager for Oak Park Heights and oversees training compliance, mitigation coordination, and response coordination.  In the event of a disaster or other significant emergency the Police Chief provides for overall management and coordination of city operations and the assisting services including fire, paramedics, public works, and civilian agencies such as Red Cross.
  • Animal control and licensing.
  • Investigation and issuance of firearms permits to purchase.
  • State mandated data reporting.
  • Process 1,000 or more public data requests annually.
  • Support to other agencies; neighboring law enforcement agencies, probations, social services, and the courts.



The department will continue to provide professional and responsive services to the community balancing the challenges of judicious budgetary constraints and the need to provide the continued high level services the community has grown to expect.  Provide professional equipment and training for officer safety and efficiency, continued community outreach education programs, all in a diverse growing and changing community.

Police Commendation or Complaint Form

The City of Oak Park Heights Police Department's mission is to serve and protect the public.  If you see outstanding behavior and would like to commend an officer, or if you see any officer acting in any way that appears unprofessional, please click this link to download a form that can be completed and submitted to the Chief of Police for his review and possible further action.  

Lost and Found

Click here for a list of items with unidentified owners recovered by the Oak Park Heights Police Department.  To inquire about any of the items, please contact the Police Department at 439-4723.